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Technano innovation offers an innovative branch in the industry – “Gas metallurgy in the industrial production of rare and precious metals”. This technology allows to extract Rare metals – tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium, tantalum, niobium, vanadium and also precious metals – gold, platinum in one stage of very high purity. Obtaining nanopowders of wolfram carbides and malibdenum carbides by plasma chemistry.
New Medical Technologies Company was created to develop and implement innovative technologies in the field of medicine. The purpose of which is to prevent infection of patients of medical institutions of various profiles with viruses, the effective cure for which has not yet been created.

Traffic exchange point operator has been working since 2017 The leading platform in Tashkent has been playing a key role in the core of the Internet for over 3 years and is one of the largest hubs for Internet traffic in Central Asia. Facebook has placed its cache servers in SNS-IX, which has increased the availability and speed of the services provided for the citizens of Uzbekistan.

Ecotech is an innovative project for the processing and disposal of hazardous waste from caprolactam production. Waste management includes operations by which waste is processed into products, materials or substances for both original and other purposes.

Innovative foundation of a high-tech biopharmaceutical complex for the production of genetically engineered medical and diagnostic preparations

The company “Gor Logistic Limited” has been providing its services in the rail transportation market of the CIS and Baltic countries since 1997. Fulfilling the role of a single logistics and dispatch center, it operates a fleet of its own private wagons and wagons of other companies.

The company is focused on providing engineering and consulting services in the field of improving the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises and buildings, developing innovative products


The project is aimed at teaching the youth of Uzbekistan the most advanced world technologies, introducing advanced methods for training new generation engineers for an innovative economy, developing and launching a mechanism for involving students in solving the problems of the real sector of the economy during the digital transformation of production.


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Our projects

Production of synthetic wax and various types of high-tech chemical substances from natural gas
Contribution to the food security of the country. Project aim: Production of bioprotein (feed/fodder additive)