As a result of increase of volumes of loads in international communications to and in CIS countries of Central Asian region and after negotiations among railroad organizations of foresaid countries “Trans Alliance – Center” transport forwarding company was founded in March 2001.

“Trans Alliance – Center” is an official forwarder of Transportation Ministry of Russian Federation. It possesses international codes of payer for dispatching of transit, export and import loads on railroads of RF; The company concluded agreements with declaratory agents of all frontier crossings, majority of railroads and ports of CIS and RF trans-shipments.

Thanks to qualified specialists in transportation sphere the company can provide the following services:

  • rate estimation for transportation
  • provision of international codes for payment of export import and transit transportation of loads in carriages and containers on railroads of CIS and RF
  • settlement of payments with railroads of CIS and other countries for payment of tariffs and other services
  • complex of services for tracking and searching of loads
  • recover of own and leasehold carriages and containers
  • transit customs declaration of loads on frontier points
  • customs registration of loads, arriving to Moscow
  • insurance of loads via insurance company “JASO”

The company uses electronic communication in solving the questions of transportation and freight forwarding by railroads of CIS and RF

General Director: R. S. Yusupov

Company address: office # 3, building 5, 18/20, Bolshaya Pochtovaya d. street, 105082, Moscow

Contact phones: (495) 974-77-10, 974-77-12, (499) 262-23-48, (495) 974-77-24 (fax).